About Us

Siddhi Vinayak College

Siddhi Vinayak College is one of the most prestigious College bhind. It is a private institution run by Shri Mahesh Singh memorial siksha evam samaj kalyan samiti bhind (m.p.)

Siddhi Vinayak College is affiliated to the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE), which is the largest educational board in the country and is duly recognised by the Department of Education, Life at Siddhi Vinayak College is committed to achieve academic excellence, intellectual growth, arts, athletics, high standards of ethical awareness, sportsmanship, and community service. Depth and variety are added to each student's life by the College's traditions and accessibility to a broad curriculum.

Education is a life-long process, but it must develop from firm and broad foundations.The goal of the College is to imbibe in the students a love of learning and inculcate in them a desire to excel at every level.The College also aims at equipping the students with the intellectual and practical skills that are necessary to meet the inevitable challenges in the future.

To sum up, the mission of Siddhi Vinayak College is "to open doors and open minds" and prepare the ground for the future of the nation.

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